There’s a good reason psychics make decent enough money to propagate and prosper – it’s largely because of the promises they make to those susceptible to fantastical wisdom. They promise answers to things that can’t be readily known, they offer advice on topics that have been slowly gnawing at our mind state, and they typically hint at knowing more than they are letting on – planting the seed that you have further need of their service. I’m not going to say that everyone who swears by psychics or mediums are saps or suckers, because I can relate with their inner turmoil enough to understand the keen desire for control and guidance in a time when everything is a mess. Do I believe in psychics? No. Do I sometimes wish I could count on someone to ease my worries, guaranteed? Hell fucking yes. ScotDrakula hasn’t started a psychic and life advice hotline (though I’m sure if they did it would be a thoroughly entertaining service). Instead, the band has chosen to touch lightly on the idea of turning to a faceless sage in times of strife.

‘Psychic Hotline’ is the name of ScotDrakula’s newest single, plucked from a collection of songs that will form the group’s upcoming album ‘A Giant Spider’. It’s a luminous display of garage guitar meets sing-along pop – a song that isn’t snarling with contempt, but it is wearing an incredulous smirk. Throughout the song singer Matt Neumann ponders the questions he’d love answered. It’s as if he is sitting on the couch, watching late-night television flooded with ads for psychic hotlines. Propositions such as, “Are you gonna stay my girl?” and “Is this dog going to have its day, or is it still miles away?” feature on Matt’s list. These are the tough questions for every twenty-something. What could it hurt to ask? Fuck it. Pick up the phone, dial the digits – maybe it’ll ease your mind.

We’d all love to be informed, but what if your psychic told you that your day in the spotlight would never come, or that the girl you long for doesn’t think about you at all? Would you be in a better place? Some of you might say yes (cop it and move on, etc). But there is always double-edged sword when it comes to these promises – the answers you get might not be what you are after, and who does the answer weigh more onerously on? These are the things that go through my mind when listening to this song. ‘Psychic Hotline’ even starts off with a warning: “You can’t unlearn what you know”. If psychics were legit, would it be worth it? Thankfully it’s not a question that we have to answer. Comfort it’s all about what floats your own boat. Find it however you can, just be conscious of how far you’re willing to go to get it.