It’s a tough game – balancing on the tightrope between quality and quantity. It’s true across any creative field – leaning too much to either side yields positive results, but there are cons to both approaches when it comes to output. Is it possible to maintain a high level of quality while producing output consistently? It’s what the people want. But it’s a tall order. For The Ocean Party it seems that, yes, it is possible. Like clockwork, the band has set the cogs in motion for its yearly release – a new album and a new single to kick off the process. Perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idea of maintaining excellence over time, ‘Quality Control’ seems like an apt reference for a band in the process of crafting its seventh album in as many or fewer years. In reality, the song has nothing to do with the industry in which it inhabits, but rather the personal introspection that is common throughout The Ocean Party’s catalogue to date.

I got no discipline / I got no quality control

The chorus of ‘Quality Control’ alludes to impulse, succumbing to bad habits and the trials of trying to live well but failing. The idea of changing your ways to only get nowhere is daunting, but only one person can get you out of the hole you dug – so dig up, stupid. The song has a melodic sheen – a glistening jewel atop The Ocean Party’s treasure pile of glinting hits. No surprises, which is a good thing here.

Effortless songs such as this one make you think what The Ocean Party’s secret is. My ‘intuition’ suggests that it’s a result of having numerous, competent songwriters in the stable – avoiding burnout and staid repetition. Also, they would be more inclined to hold each other to high standards – no half-assed songs, just whole-assed albums. The hot money is on The Ocean Party’s upcoming album to be as ‘on-point’ as the others, and the only quality control the group needs to worry about is when it comes to their own happiness and creative satisfaction.

The album will be out later this year through Spunk.