It’s been hot in Brisbane lately. Like, stifling hot. It’s the same around the country, of course, but I can only ever speak from my own experience and this summer has been exceptionally punishing. Multiple Man would sympathise with me on this – being from Brisbane and all – and perhaps the oppressive heat at least played a bit of a part in one half of the duo peacing out to the United States last year. That being said, Multiple Man’s music has always worked well when linked thematically to ‘heat’ – the pulsing and heady nature of the band’s throb-heavy EBM has always evoked imagery of swampy underground clubs and kinetic energy spread amongst moving bodies. ‘Power Fantasy’, the first single from Multiple Man’s upcoming LP New Metal seems to capture the damp feeling you get from dancing in a sweat jungle perfectly.

After the first few listens it seems that Multiple Man is hitting its stride when it comes to finding the sweet spot between dissonant electro and danceable rhythms. ‘Persuasion’ – released two years ago – was another notable step in the progression but seemed to focus primarily on honing the synth-pop leanings that have been muddied perfectly with the duo’s discordant spirit of Multiple Man’s earlier offerings here on ‘Power Fantasy’. Like the name indicates, ‘Power Fantasy’ is forceful and unrelenting, similar in a few ways to the work of FORCES. I’m imagining that New Metal will be a fucking ride, I felt a bit of back sweat accumulating at the thought of an album full of such of heated pressure.

Pre-orders for New Metal are currently available internationally through Atlanta’s DKA Records with an Australian edition to follow on Paradise Daily Records.