Listen: ANGIE – ‘A RING’


Fresh off the press is a new, engrossing tune from Angela Garrick, also known to many as Angie. Following on from her excellent 2015 record Free Agent, Angie has been putting in work towards her third solo LP, Shyness, which will be dropping on March 24 through the esteemed label RICE IS NICE. Available information indicates that Shyness will be tonally dissimilar to the electric guitar-driven sound of Free Agent; instead seeing Angie put forth a collection of songs composed and crafted on a grand piano.

The first track from Shyness has been released to herald the album’s imminent arrival. ‘A Ring’ is its name, and stirring up emotions is its game. The song is a melancholy and mediative number – a work that utilises little to do a lot. Acoustic guitar plucks help flesh out the repeated progression of despondent gongs emitted by the piano, while Angie’s hypnotic voice drones over the piece – lathering the track in a stirring hypnotic quality. The sparse lyrical fragments are impenetrable, leaving a lot to the imagination and forcing us listeners to piece it together on our own. Press material gives us this to ponder, saying ‘A Ring’ is “a response to non-physical utterances, strange coincidences, objects as emotional metaphors, and spaces in between events and people“.

‘A Ring’ sees Angie plumbing the depths of the silence that emerges when things are left unsaid, finding out what can be communicated without overt exposition. A key phrase – “I told you” – lingers and echoes over and over. The true extent of what Angie is telling us probably wont be revealed until the album is taken in as a whole, but I’ll be damned if I’m not already trying to piece it all together.

Shyness was produced and engineered by Holy Balm’s Jonathan Hochman, who is also working with Angie and collaborative partner Jack Mannix on new material from their project Fairy Floss. Between this and that, 2017 is looking to be an important year for Angie.


Image: Jake Ollet