Australia’s beloved Casanova with a heart of gold has returned from the hazy neon realm he inhabits to gift a new track to the masses. Coinciding with the announcement that he has joined the ranks of chic label Plastic World, Donny Benét has offered up ‘Working Out’, a new classic to the mythical canon that surrounds the aural lothario. In quintessential Benét form, Donny blurs the lines between hedonistic seduction and playful innuendo – though in ‘Working Out’ the innuendo is layered pretty thickly, even by Donny’s standards.

Here we see the synth maestro tackling the tried and true trope of ‘exercise = sex’. Like Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’, Donny playfully toys with the metaphorical treasure trove of gold that is working out – physical activity, dripping sweat, building up endurance, seeking flexibility and the pursuit of taut musculature – toeing the line of decency with some racy sexual tension.

Exempli gratia:

Healthy body / healthy mind/ being physical all the time / rewarding ourselves romantically/ is the best activity

As for the music, fans of Donny’s previous works will find a lot to like. Noxious synth work, a throbbing bass pulse and a steady beat (perfect for a snappy two-step) comprise the song’s musical structure, allowing a buoyant vehicle for Donny to softly coo his honeyed words into your ear directly. The charm of Donny’s style is his ability to disarm perceived sleazy aesthetics with humour, wit and a good dose of catchy sound. If you take it too seriously, the appeal of this kind of music disappears completely. If you let Donny seduce you to his way of thinking you might just find yourself being able to get on board the love boat that he skilfully navigates through the waters of love, lust, scandal and perversion.