It’s been a busy couple of months recently for Australian music. It seems as if the past two months have boasted a huge percentage of the year’s releases, and the remaining portion is also chock-full of gold. It’s hard to keep on top of all of these in a critical sense, but when the opportunity arises to chat to bands that are releasing these records I find it more compelling to chat to them over putting my own thoughts out there. BIGSOUND is a great opportunity to talk to numerous bands in one place and typically they all have something to talk about.

This year I sought out bands that were attending the showcase with the Podcast in mind, so I have a nice little backlog of material that will hopefully mean more episodes in rapid succession. As always, this project is DIY so the quality might not be on par with other notable podcasts, but I guess the sentiments count more in this instance.


I was fortunate enough to catch I Heart Hiroshima and Unity Floors and BIGSOUND, both of those interviews feature here. I Heart Hiroshima has re-emerged from the wilderness with new material (one song I wrote about here) and have been on form when playing live, even though they haven’t done so regularly in years. I spoke to Matt Somers and Sullivan Patten about where they’ve been, when they linked back together and where their minds are at in terms of new music and where they go from here.


Gus and Henry are the two members of Sydney’s Unity Floors. These guys create a frenzied form of punk that meshes relatable sentiments with catchy, anthemic abandon. Unity Floors is releasing its second LP, Life Admin, this month through Popfrenzy so BIGSOUND was a good opportunity to catch them live and for an interview. The guys were honest, funny and extremely easy to talk to and it was certainly one of the more rewarding interviews of the week.


Finally (though firstly in terms of order in the podcast) is Holy Balm, an electric and eclectic trio that recently put forth an incredible record through the esteemed Chapter Music label called ‘Activity’. I recently saw the band perform live for the first time and the minimalist but poised electronica was expertly relayed in a live setting, which made for an amazing show as the recorded output is stellar. I spoke to band member Jonathan Hochman about the creation of the record and how the landscape has changed since their 2012 effort, It’s You.

Feel free to listen to the episode below: