The newest addition to the thriving LISTEN Records label roster is Melbourne trio Hi-Tec Emotions, which has celebrated the pairing by releasing a buzzing and whirring single, ‘Look Around’. The band is erupting forth and making itself known with a track that is reminiscent of an ordered cacophony; a barely restrained bombastic abandon that is unleashed from the very first notes.

Hi-Tec Emotion’s members Ema Dunstan, Jess Lakatosh and Mackenzie Randall have coined their sound as ‘glow wave’ – the point where synth punk and new wave intersect. It’s catchy and effervescent, with Ema’s distinct vocals sealing the deal with impassioned and almost operatic poise. The lyrics accurately mesh with the manic and dissonant furore of the music – sentiments gushing and fretting about feeling directionless and the war that is constantly waged between the brain and the heart (as relayed in the chorus – “Feeling low, I don’t know where I should go, when my head says no, but my heart says go”).

The single comes with a film clip shot and edited by Victoria Armytage and Simon Ryan, with a great DIY approach to conveying their ramshackle aesthetic. After the clip finished, YouTube next cued up a TED Talk about how to practice emotional first aid. I’m wondering if this is a coincidence brought about by keyword algorithms or a savvy play to remind listeners to be good to themselves when emotions are frayed, everything is confusing and you’re not quite sure that your next move is. One tip I’d add to that video is to play ‘Look Around’ loudly and dance until you feel better. It’ll help.