The Gold Coast isn’t typically a breeding ground for discontented punk, which is surprising. The overly illuminated and washed-out streets of Surfers Paradise and the bleakness of the surrounding suburbs don’t offer much to youths that are uninterested with surfing and clubbing. I’d have thought living in a rapidly gentrifying and mundane (although beautiful, in a way) part of the country would be a breeding ground for riled-up creativity. Perhaps I’m just not clued in enough, perhaps most of those malcontents move to Brisbane. Regardless, Sex Drive is a Gold Coast-based punk foursome that put out a pretty good demo last year and offered up a newbie – ‘Chance’ – in late August.

‘Chance’ isn’t a song that offers much for critical analysis. The band doesn’t seem like the kind of group that frets over things like that – they are just trying to incite frenzy through direct and impactful musicianship. So here’s the key points – the song packs enough into its sub-three minute timespan to tick all the boxes. Energy, aggression, enthusiasm, groove and attitude – it’s all there. It makes me want to move. It makes me want to forget myself for a few minutes. It makes me want to listen to this kind of music all day. That’s what I want. Any fans of Australian punk should look to include ‘Chance’ into their playlists. Keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked for a 7” release in the near future.