Gold Class, one of the most invigorating bands in the entire country, returns with a new track (and accompanying video) that is reportedly plucked from a forthcoming sophomore album. ‘Kids on Fire’ is an electric track that sees the downcast moods lifted and transformed to an energetic form of mania. Gold Class typically ducks and weaves through phases of frenetic sound-play – ‘Kids on Fire’ sees the band do this again, but the track’s overall pace is accelerated from the first chorus and the high is maintained throughout.

‘Kids on Fire’ maintains the consistent urgency of Gold Class’s sound; the taut and sharp interplay between beat and melody is as pointed as ever, and Adam Curley’s voice is as pristine and clear as it has ever been – conveying barely restrained distress and paranoia. (“Tired of the thought, thinking is a waste, don’t know what it means, don’t know what to make / we’re sinking in the shallows, waiting for a kill, big man got a craving, he’s coming after you”). As far as a taster of new material goes, it’s exactly what I’m craving. This song stands up against Gold Class’s best, which is a good sign for things to come.

The track comes with a clip directed and filmed by Geoffrey O’Connor – as far as visual accompaniments go, it fits the song perfectly.


Banner image: Ian Laidlaw