If you are the kind of person that still marks important events on your calendar, then pick up the pen and make a note on November 11. Tasmania’s Heart Beach have slated that day to release their next album Kiss Your Face, the follow up to their self-titled debut. The band have teamed up with the esteemed Spunk Records for the release, and have placed a teaser in our laps in the form of potent first single, ‘Brittle’.

Over two minutes and sixteen seconds, Heart Beach offers up a mix of delightful guitar fuzz and delicate vocal sentiments. Despite being called ‘Brittle’, the musicianship is decidedly strong in sound – straightforward and concise. The fragility alluded to in the song’s title is conveyed in the dual vocals employed – two voices, two sides of a coin, one story. It speaks to me of the vulnerability post-romance, of a disintegration of a relationship leaving one half brittle, reflecting on how the current state of affairs came to be. It’s a remarkably beautiful song that picks its notes and thoughts in a considered manner, not overcomplicating things and leaving listeners satisfied but yearning for more.

Thank fuck more is on the way.