Brisbane’s Tall Pines are creators of crushing but stirring noise rock, revelling in a dichotomy of sound that bridges brutal loudness and reflective moments of calm. The trio has blessed us with a new track, ‘The Day Is Gone’, which succinctly showcases everything the band is capable of. Blistering riffs, delicate vocal harmonies, swells of feedback – it’s all here and it’s all gravy.

Drummer Cam Smith has expertly taken up recording and mixing duties (his Incremental Records studio has recorded the likes of No Anchor and early DZ Deathrays) and has done great work bringing together each individual element into a cohesive and listenable whole. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of tracks like this, a real pleasure when one is feeling contemplative. It’s raining outside, and I want to linger with this song for a bit longer. I hope the rain sticks around. Consider a listen if you are a fan of Brisbane’s other noise exports DEAFCULT, BARGE with an antenna on it and Forevr.