Premiere: WEIRDO WASTELAND PODCAST EPISODE #05 – Witch Hats, Mere Women, Cool Sounds


This is the fifth episode of the Weirdo Wasteland Podcast!

This episode features three interviews with Australian music acts – Witch Hats, Mere Women and Cool Sounds. All three acts are different, but similar in the sense that they are currently making moves in the Australian scene.

Witch Hats will be releasing their third full-length LP Deliverance on July 1 through Behind The Beat Records. I speak to singer/guitarist Kris Buscombe about the record and it’s emotionally charged outpouring of noise.

Mere Women released a split 7″ with Gold Class earlier in the year. I spoke to Amy Wilson about where the song came from and what’s on the cards for the future.

Cool Sounds released their latest album Dance Moves on June 24 through Deaf Ambitions. I called Nick Kearton to talk about the creation of the record and how the group honed in on their slick sound.

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