Hobart’s Treehouse are an engrossing band – they are enthusiastic about turning the common jangly guitar sound on its head and instilling a steady amount of jagged agitation. The band are putting forth a record through the great label Vacant Valley soon, and have already put offered two tunes from it. ‘She’s a mystic’ is a coiled work of haywire and intensity and the album’s title track ‘Centre of Their World’ begins as a slightly more restrained and melodic tune until it breaks down into a compelling deconstructed clangour of its own. Guitars ring like bells bent out of shape, driven by rigid thumping of the kit. Both songs ebb and flow throughout but reliably finish up by leaving ringing in my ears.

I love both of these songs and if you enjoy discordant but emotionally charged noise there will be plenty of stuff to like here. There are stylistic similarities to fellow Tasmanians Naked in the way both bands twist their structures and bend aesthetics to present something a bit warped. In addition to this, the singers of both outfits enjoy howling their hearts out in a strangulated kind of way. There’s something in the Tasmanian water that breeds fiercely intense sound, but taken on its own merit Treehouse is making music that stacks up very well when compared to anything on the mainland. Keep your ears to the ground throughout the rest of June for the record, reportedly due eight days from the writing of this review.