‘Put A Sock In It’ is the frisky new song from Dumb Punts – a group who are all about telling the world to sit on it, to take a hike and to rack off in the plainest of terms.

Scrappy and exuberant Melbourne-via-Bonny Hills rock trio Dumb Punts are putting forth a new single today called ‘Put A Sock In It’, which is featuring on a 7” release coming out through the Adam Ritchie’s (Drunk Mums, Grotto) label PISSFART Records on June 21. Dumb Punts (consisting of members Jimmy and Ciarn ‘Seattle’ Gallagher and Brent Lockhart) put out a cassette release through PISSFART in 2015 called Coupla Couplas – seven tracks of strung out Australiana rock, hard-bitten, cutthroat and hung over.

Dumb Punts aren’t interested in changing the formula. ‘Put A Sock In It’ is driving and straightforward, but entirely enjoyable. It’s borderline anthemic and rebellious in a snarling, roughshod kind of way. ‘Put A Sock In It’ is perfect for listening to after a day of your boss talking down to you – it’s telling all the fuckwits to cram it with enough groove and bite to make them listen. I took the opportunity to correspond with Jimmy about the track and plans for the rest of the year.


Where were your heads at after Coupla Couplas dropped?
Same place they usually are – at home being washers or the Tote.

How was the reception to that collection of tracks?
It was rad – we’ve had people digging it and we got asked to play with some pretty awesome bands and at the end of the day that’s all we wanna do.

Where you itching to try anything in particular for your next effort?
I think because we recorded it so long ago we just wanted to improve on what we did with Coupla Couplas. We got better at playing and writing and Adam Richie from PISSFART just went ballistic in terms of what he’s now capable of behind the desk – so we just wanted to make the tracks sound as good as possible. I reckon we did a pretty good job, but that’s why we’re already working on the next release. It’s kinda giving up if you just sit there and go, “Mate this is the best release ever. I’m gonna sit on my arse and await the acclaim”.

Fuck acclaim, write a song.

‘Put a Sock In It’ – the immediate message is clear but can you tell me what spurred you to write this song?
Chat cunts that won’t fuck off and leave you alone. (Ha!) That’s pretty much it though; it just sounded good in the chorus. I don’t spend much time on lyrics, more Bits of Shit than Bob Dylan.

How long has this one been kicking around in your head for?
Not long at all, some songs you’re fucking around with for months and others come together pretty quick, ‘Put A Sock In It’ was the latter.

How does a song like this come together for you? Is it instinctual or is there a bit of planning to get it right?
It depends, generally I’ve got a pretty good idea of how a song goes but that’s the beauty of playing in a band – especially the Punts – Brent and Seattle take the reins and make it sound better. It’s an easy band to play in. I guess that comes with playing in a band with your sister and your mate from up the street.

What do you imagine comes after this?
A tour and hopefully people liking our music to keep carrying on with what we’re doing. We’re not in it to be superstars, we just wanna be able to travel and play shows as much as possible. Hopefully people don’t get sick of our shit and keep coming to our shows.

What are you guys working towards currently?
I think another 7″, maybe another tape. We’ve got enough new songs ready to go so we just wanna get them recorded and out there for people to listen to. I hate waiting to release stuff.

What’s on the cards in the near future?
Doing a tour in June and July and hopefully just more of the same – travel, play shows and write new songs.

Listen to the song here:

Dumb Punts will be touring the 7” release along the east coast. Here are the dates:

June 17 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
June 24 – The Tote, Melbourne
June 30 – Big Kick On, Brisbane
July 1 – Shark Bar, Gold Coast
July 9 – The Great Northern, Byron Bay
July 14 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
July 15 – Sussex Inlet Tavern, Sussex

More dates are TBA.