Laura Hill blesses Australia with some of the best groggy hypno-disco offerings as Scraps – synthetic sounds from space that contain more life than most biological organisms on Earth. Scraps has deigned to offer us something new in the form of a forthcoming 12” release through Moontown Records – a Canberra-based label that is one of the more reliable sources of sonic weirdness (goodness) in Australia. What we have here is an appetiser in the form of ‘Touch Blue’, a pulsing and luminescent number that hones in on Scraps’ penchant for skewed disco.

‘Touch Blue’ evokes thoughts of cool, inviting pools, shimmering beaches and tropical paradises. Bleeps and bloops thump concisely, letting synthetic ripples caress and encompass like water past stones – burbling and bubbling. Laura’s vocals warble and echo underneath the throb and glitter of the composition, creating a soothing undertone (undertow) submerged beneath the bobbing and shimmering surface – a mermaid calling from under the water. It’s an exciting and energetic composition, one that is danceable and relaxing – it’s equal parts ethereal and tethered to the ground. It’s otherworldly and familiar at the same time. It’s great and it serves as a perfect introduction to those who are looking to immerse themselves in exquisite electronic sound. The submerge point is here – don’t worry coming up for air as every Scraps song is imbued with rejuvenating vitality.