Thuggish punk is what Whipper does well, and Whipper has done it well once more with a new 7”. A trio of tracks form the spanking new release, out through AARGHT Records – ‘Shit Love’, ‘White Glove’ and ‘Chase The Rainbow’. ‘Chase The Rainbow’ (which can be streamed online) kicks off with a punishing 45 seconds of diesel-fuelled guitar before a guttural, phlegm-clearing snarl interjects with the vocals. The music is unrelenting, as in it never changes – the instruments lock into gear and pound out the jam until the chorus or a mandatory guitar solo dictates otherwise. It’s bruising, it’s chaotic and it exemplifies the brash Australian punk sound that is so formidable.

Other tracks include my personal favourite ‘Shit Love’, which is a less bombastic offering to be sure, but perhaps a better introduction for those looking to be eased gently into the pool of power punk Whipper splashes (wallows) around in. ‘Shit Love’ could be a scruffier Tyrannamen B-side (I know Nic plays drums), there’s a bit of a bluesy tinge to it. Singer and bass player, Lewis (who also performs in Cuntz), sounds like a more wired Brendan Huntley here with the same pacing urgency in his singing. ‘White Glove’ is bass-laden – throbbing and menacing – bringing some grunt and bounce to the cacophony. I gather this song is about doing what it takes to survive, even if the future isn’t so bright from where you are standing.

These three songs are potent examples of bristling, aural repugnancy. It’s alive and kicking and screaming and biting and it’s unwise to touch, but fuck if it doesn’t make you stomp your feet a little too.

Banner image by Jane Smith