Presenting episode three of the Weirdo Wasteland Podcast!

I’m pretty excited about this one – it features interviews with some of my favourite bands in Australia as well as a chat with a video artist, which is something new for this website.

In episode three I speak to Steph Crase from Summer Flake, who has just released her second LP, Hello Friends, through Rice Is Nice Records. The album is amazing as early reviews can attest and it was a real pleasure to talk to Steph about the album’s process and the thought she put toward its creation. Buy the album here and check out her tour dates before she hits the road in May.

The second interview is with Angus from Deep Heat, one of the finest purveyors of post-punk in Australia. The band is soon to release Still Life through Poison City Records, and if early singles are any indication the record is set to be something fierce and engaging. Pre-order the record here and check out the April tour dates here.

Finally, I had the pleasure of speak to Stephanie Peters, a video artist who is responsible for curating the artistic presentations at the STARGAZED Festival taking place on April 9. We discussed the role visual art can play in a live music setting and if it is something that should be included more frequently to increase engagement with live performance. Buy tickets to STARGAZED here.

Listen to the podcast here: