Listen: TWINROVA – ‘7th SEAL’


Emerging from the shadows of Newcastle and Sydney is the nascent goth-dance duo Twinrova. The duo is comprised of Whitney Houston’s Crypt’s Zoe Nixon and Evan Hill Porteus of Teenage Moustache and Bare Grillz. Twinrova are on the cusp of releasing a cassette through Virtual Cool (a Brisbane label that has put out work from Excess, Bent and Scrabbled). Six tracks, two of which can be heard online, one of which I am compelled to discuss immediately – ‘7th Seal’.

Hollow bip-bap percussive notes open proceedings, overlaid quickly by a damn groovy bass line and twister guitars. Much like the grim, undaunted nature of contemporaries such as Rule of Thirds, Twinrova’s sound also carries a formidable weight like steel wrapped in black silk. The darkwave net they weave is textured and intricate, dense and impenetrable but alluring. Haunting images of ‘clustered bodies knotted together’ and ‘sallow masses singing under the smiling sun’ burn in the mind’s eye. Fevered, haunting and vigorous vocals from Zoe Nixon layer the music. Her words command attention – I’m hooked, you will be too.

Also be sure to listen to ‘Elite Singles’, which is the final track on the release, then smash that fucking pre-order button and wait patiently for the pleasure of more (due on April 15).