Cool Sounds are cool guys – I’ve seen them play and have enjoyed their previous tunes a bunch. Suffice to say, I’m a fan, but ‘In Blue Skies’ kinds seals the deal regardless. The ensemble (which features a few familiar faces from the Melbourne suburban jangle scene) makes a slick blend of indie-pop that also seems to blend a few smooth jazz elements. The group is on the cusp of releasing a full-length album called Dance Moves through Deaf Ambitions – but before that drops we have this here single – ‘In Blue Skies’.

Crystalline guitar strums and smooth horns fill my ears before a soft croon carries the opening words. “I’m here waiting for my girl to arrive, you’re here waiting for something more to pass by.” It’s a song that strikes me as an ode to ‘what if’ – the missed chances or the risks that you avoided to maintain a semblance of honesty – to yourself and others. In this instance, it’s two individuals who ignore their connection to each other because of commitments to others or fear of ruining a good thing. Littered throughout the seductive soundscapes are musings such as “night after night I still wonder what if I had stayed the night”. Confronting sentiments for anyone who has toyed with that desire – but something that’s more common than you’d think. Maybe I’m wrong? Either way, no one is entirely happy in this scenario and that’s perfectly relatable to everyone.

Cool Sounds have also put forth a clip for the track that sees the group making out with inanimate objects – I am unsure if there is a thematic correlation to be made. Probably. Listen to the song, though.