Nathan Roche is a well-travelled man. Though from Townsville originally, Nathan seems to be an individual without a definitive place to drop anchor – at least permanently. Time in another country has offered Nathan the chance to contemplate matters of the mind, collecting introspective thoughts into a new project. Nathan became a wordly being after relocating to Paris in 2014 where he recruited some locals to put together his latest effort under the Le Villejuif Underground (Villejuif being the town in which he resided). Press material for LVU’s n single ‘On The Seine’ sees Nathan claiming that the word ‘seine’ also means stage, and that everyone in the world (yep, everyone) is a performer. No one is inherently special, yet at the same time we are equal – we are all nobodies, everyone is a wanker and that’s okay. Regardless of our perceived lack of importance in the scheme of things, Nathan and band are more than willing to make use of their time on stage.

‘On The Seine’ starts out with a quaint guitar refrain before adding some throwback synth warble and pattering. Nathan sets himself as a story teller, relating his thoughts on creative performance and life in general. The song bleeds into languid psych rock – not a full LSD blowout but more like a gentle mushroom cradling. Nathan comes across relaxed, mild in his vocal mannerisms – like an Australian Lou Reed (maybe someone has already made that comparison. I can’t remember if it is unique). Nathan mumbles “I’m on the Seine / I’m in heaven / and on the stage / I am trembling”. Does he have stage fright? Being overwhelmed can cause inaction – being scared of taking opportunities leads to missing said chances entirely. Not something that an award-winning performer would let happen – but we are all nervous wankers anyway. Fake it until you make it.

When life is over, do we get a review? I’m sure Nathan is beyond caring what people think. If he is reading this anyway, he should know that I like the song. It speaks to me, and should speak to any that are terrified by the prospect of blowing their shot at life.

Nathan Roche is playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. He is also releasing a book – check that out if you get a chance.