Hold onto something sturdy – here is a fast dose of prime Brisbane crank-punk. Clever has been making the rounds locally for some time and is the brainchild of Mitch Perkins who commanded the now defunct act Psy Ants. The group also shares members with other Brisbane bands that closely align with Clever’s brand of menace such as Per Purpose, The Wrong Man and Sewers – haphazard and jagged, rock and roll left to rust, metal at risk of giving you tetanus. The band has put forth a new song and video, entitled ‘Your Eyesore’s Sweet’.

‘Your Eyesore’s Sweet’ is a sick and instantly impactful grinder – ushered forth on a wave of bass throb and eccentric drumming. It’s over in only two minutes but any longer and the potency would lessen – this song aims to stagger with its weight, but such aural mass could prove unwieldy in longer segments. Concise and to the point – Clever’s calling card. Mitch’s vocals are hoarse and edgy – laced with pathos and urgency. It’s all immediate and energetic, though it’s almost as if they held back from losing the plot entirely at the last second, a torrent barely contained. This tune is coming out on a vinyl to be released through Homeless Records. Who knows what force it’ll hold. Steel yourself or be cleaved.

Image credit: Glen Schenau of Blanket Canvassing / Per Purpose.