As part of PBS 106.7FM’s DRIVE LIVE series, Batpiss performed a set of taught and dense punk. Have a look-see at the band performing ‘The Store’ as part of their in-studio set.

This week, PBS 106.7FM has been bringing in several excellent bands to perform a series of sets aired live. What’s even better is these in-studio performances are filmed and put online for the world (anyone who can’t tune in to PBS 106.7FM) to see and hear. Previously, PBS brought in Terrible Truths, Sui Zhen, The Drones, Deaf Wish and Deep Heat – incredible performances all.

Weirdo Wasteland is fortunate enough to be premiering the recorded performance of Melbourne’s ferocious sludge-punk lords, Batpiss. The group released a virulent and intense record called Biomass in mid-2015, and have recently opened for Viet Cong. The band performed yesterday alongside Wet Lips and Grotto, in what was more than likely a grisly performance of savage noise. Check out the video now:

Also, have a look at some photos of the show taken by Melissa Cowan. Tonight will see Little Desert, Waterfall Person and Drug Sweat perform – tune in if you can or head down there and watch the final show live between 5-7:00 pm. The PBS studios are at 47 Easey Street, Collingwood. E-mail to secure a door spot.


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