Weirdo Wasteland has the pleasure of premiering a new release from Reclusive Billionaire – a collaboration between Orlando Furious and Snowy Nasdaq. No Ambition In The Underground is a an intense offering, burning bright and quick like magnesium. The highs are fleeting but they are ecstasy inducing – a high that dissipates seconds after hitting the pleasure centres. A must-listen regardless.

Snowy Nasdaq and Orlando Furious are two of the more ‘out there’ minds when it comes to creating noise. Between the two of them, both artists have dabbled in the realms of noise pop, hip hop, art punk and experimental synth work, with an extensive back catalogue to chart their individual progressions and stylistic shifts. As creators, their visions align when it comes to the matter of creating music that breaks conventions but still remains decidedly listenable. It’s a no brainer that these two musicians should collaborate, and they already have – 2014 saw the two release ‘Greyscale‘, a glitchy and danceable number that showcased a resonance between both minds and potential for more great noise should the seeds ‘Greyscale’ sewed bore more life.

Weirdo Wasteland has the pleasure of premiering a new collaborative effort from Mr. Nasdaq and Mr. Furious – Reclusive Billionaire. Totalling under five minutes, No Ambition In The Underground is a four track spurt that is short in length, but packs more dynamic energy and effervescent sounds than most electro-synth acts can muster. Before detailing the sonic palette any further, I asked Snowy Nasdaq and Orlando Furious where this effort came from, and what they were hoping to create.

“I put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to sing in my ‘new band’”, says Snowy. “I think that was the 3rd post I’d made in a short space of time about some ‘new band’ I was starting. I’m always serious but I’m not surprised no-one else takes it that way. Just as I’d hoped, Orlando replied shortly after I posted. I told him I was serious, he told me he was serious.”

“I recorded three short tracks that night and sent them off. Not long after, I had three vocal takes emailed to me from New Zealand and they were perfect. Reclusive Billionaire was born. Seeing as our entire repertoire is under five minutes I’m hoping to jump onto as many live bills as possible as soon as possible.”

And on the other side of the coin:

“I like the idea of being the empty-faced lawyer representing Snowy the Reclusive Billionaire’s interests,” relays Orlando.” I like passing on messages and acting on behalf of my client. Also I have a stack of gospel hook phrasings that are vaguely uplifting or spiritual that seemed to fit Snowy’s speedy bangers. Sometimes things fit and feel right and I like when that happens.”

‘Speedy bangers’ is the most accurate description you’ll read in this piece. Aside from a 30 second interlude, Reclusive Billionaire rips through phases without pause to catch a breath. Snowy has constructed urgent and manic synth pulsations, reminiscent of final boss battle music. It takes sharp turns, loops and speeds onward – matched by Orlando’s eccentric cadence. At times its hard to make out Orlando’s words as it blends so seamlessly into the dissonant klaxon wail. ‘No Ambition’ is exceptionally good thanks to its relentlessness, and ‘Getting Deep’  is a trip in and of itself.

‘No Ambition in the Underground’ might not register as important to some,in part due to the shortness of the overall output. But I love it because of what it represents, its potential, what could come from it. It’s like a magnesium strip igniting – a short-lived flame that is so bright you have to take notice. The highs are fleeting but they are ecstasy inducing – a high that dissipates seconds after hitting the pleasure centres. I want more (need more) and I hope these two develop this idea further. Whether or not they actually relate to the idea of having no ambition, they make ambitious noise. I really want them to do more with this (not just to satiate my own addiction pangs) but because they’d leave everyone else in their wake. This is music to dance to – not just dance, but dance. Lose your mind music. Lose track of time music. I’m overly effusive, but how could I not be? If only there was more. I’m out of breath, I’m gonna step outside for some air.

Take note: Snowy’s other project The Ocean Party recently released a bunch of B-Sides called Mess and Noise Critics Poll 2015, and Orlando Furious will have an LP called Captain Granite out very soon.