My ear caught Sinkhead for the first time on Matt Kennedy’s 4ZZZ show, Underground Australiana (the show wrapped up this week, which is a damn shame). I couldn’t find a trace of Sinkhead anywhere online until I came across this small Soundcloud page, which thankfully contained ‘Falling Standards’, the very song I heard on the radio by chance. It’s a great slice of underground throb and clash, post-punk in flavour and grim as they come – squall meets squalor, fire and filth. As with much post-punk, the aggression in ‘Falling Standards’ seems rippled with a heavy portion of paranoia, but it’s obliterated by foundation-trembling ferociousness and artful composure.

As little information exists on the band, here are some liner notes I managed to gather through a message exchange on Soundcloud: Sinkhead is a three-piece based in Melbourne consisting of Julian and Charlie (originally from Canberra) and Jaccamo (a former Sydney-sider). After a few stops and starts with various bands, this incarnation seems to have stuck and the trio is unleashing some potent noise if ‘Falling Standards’ is anything to go by. I’m keen for some more.

If you dug Halt Ever’s recent tune ‘Patricia’, Deep Heat’s ‘Sleep’ or anything from Sta†ions Of The Cross then you will enjoy this.