Listen: TAFEWRM – ‘ASL’


Here is a nice bit of electro strange for you, courtesy of TAFEWRM. I don’t know much about this project, but the e-mail I copped tells me it is the solo project of Joshua Phuah, the guitarist of pub romantics You Beauty. ‘ASL’ is a new song that hit the cloud a few days ago, accompanied by a clip showcasing passing urban landscapes captured from a train window as it slithers along the tracks between stops and stations.

TAFEWRM produces haunting and ethereal electro, streaked with searing guitar notes – made to warble and wind across dulled bass-y synth and drum machine ticks and snaps and swishes and clashes. The beat is propulsive, less rat-a-tat and more put-put-pop. The vocals are almost part of the aural palette, used as much as instrument as the synthesised notes and guitar. ‘ASL’ is impenetrable, I can’t decipher the words but I’m happy letting it be part of the whole, rather than trying to single out phrases as reference points.

‘ASL’ is the first single from a forthcoming EP that is in the works. Look for shows in the future and get your ears around ‘Conversation Piece’, an older and slightly more active synth-pop number.