If you are unfamiliar with Free Time, that’s okay because I was unaware of their output for a while. The band is the brain child of Dion Nania (formerly of Panel of Judges) – a musician who splits time between Melbourne and NYC. Dion recruits musicians from wherever he is currently based for Free Time’s albums. This song we have here, ‘Who Owns The Moon?’ is the first fragment from Free Time’s forthcoming album, which is the second full length after 2013’s self-titled effort. This time around, Nania has recruited some formidable Australian musicians to help him out – these musos being Joe Alexander (Terrible Truths), Marty Frawley (Twerps) and Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild). Based on the pedigree of all musicians one expects something immediately consummate and professional sounding, if not timeless and re-listenable. Straight up: the song is both.

Nania’s singing alternates between sighing coos and evocations emitted through his lower register – both equally delicate. The tune is whimsical and dreamy, inattentive as if Dion’s head is in the clouds (this song is the perfect tune for encouraging wandering thoughts while existing idly). A sliding guitar riff, simple but efficient drums – everything clicks. No one is in a hurry, which makes for a leisurely listen. The song is charming if a little bit like other things we’ve heard before, but a summer breeze is welcome every time it tussles my hair so it’s no big deal.

There is more to this song, though. Nania isn’t content to let this song be written off as a nice, summery ditty. The lyrics seem to describe a relationship that has had its passion muted by the passing of time and focusing on other worldly matters (“My husband is rich / but he bores me”). It’s not all doom and gloom though. While both parties are bored the love still seems to be there, watered by romantic gestures and flourishing again after being reunited post time spent apart. (“he opens that door to my heart, it’s like an elevator to the moon”).

Free Time’s forthcoming album, In Search of Free Time will be released through Joe Alexander’s label, Bedroom Suck. Consider my ears eagerly receptive for the whole offering.