Marcel Whyler soldiers on as Buzz Kull after the departure of Rebecca Liston, though the grim post-punk and coldwave pulse remains potent with this new single, ‘Nausea’. Dark and intense from the outset’ ‘Nausea’ moves to the rhythm of a synth-y arcade throb. Sounding as if Dave Gahan suddenly fronted Nun, ‘Nausea’ is relentless in its pace – it evokes the world of Tron were it infected by a savage, glitch-inducing virus.

Cynicism and contempt are rife throughout the song – directed at others and at Marc himself. His lyrics aren’t veiled behind much metaphor; it’s all pretty plain speaking. Something about the lyrics come off a bit cheesy to me – I suppose a lot of the pessimistic nature of post-punk and similar genres tread the line between being taken seriously or being written off as overly dramatic. Overall, it’s fine – though Marc’s attempt to separate himself from others comes across as a little arrogant. (“People like to party/ others like a lunch / those that surround me / cant stomach too much”). Though he positions himself as largely unwell (“I don’t like to sleep / never too well / some say I’m sick / time will tell”), he also puts himself at arms length from the listener without inciting any urge within us to get closer (“always on the hunt / things that I value / some things about me / I’ll never really tell you”). You can’t be perceived as mysterious by calling yourself mysterious – ya feel me?

Overall I can dig it but I can’t say it’s a heavy spinner. There will be a full-length album out this year through Stellar Kinematics. I’ll come back around and listen when it is out because there is still something intriguing about what Marc does that makes me feel like it will be worth the wait.