Here is something new from humble Hobart low-fidelity punk outfit Naked. This here track, ‘Sprinters Of The World Unite’ was pasted online as part of an announcement that the band has a new album coming out through Brisbane label, Tenth Court. Last time I heard from Naked was on a split with Lenin Lennon, two distinctly DIY-sounding tracks that blurred the line between avant-garde weirdness and unsettling heaviness. ‘Sprinters’ changes the formula considerably, losing some of the crunch for lackadaisical dilly-dallying – not a bad thing, just worth noting.

‘Sprinters’ opens with a simple plodding strum that pulls its shoulders back and opens up to a gusty chug once things get going. The twang is turned up and the seriousness is turned down. There is also some violin adding a nice warble-type touch, courtesy of Sewer’s Josh Watson. Lyrics come forth in a lax stream of consciousness relaying of some shitty events. A bloke’s dog dies and the owner copes by cracking the shits and expressing through lashing out.

As an example, here is the opening verse without punctuation to convey how it sounds:

One day my dog died and so I went for a walk through the bush near the road and I found I brick and I held on to it and carried it to the bridge and I threw it at a bus.”

The story moves on to anecdotal retellings of punching on, stealing pizza, getting arrested, being locked up for a few months and kind of enjoying the experience overall. That latter fragment also sums up my experience of listening to ‘Sprinters Of The World Unite’ – wasn’t sure I would dig it but I think I kind of do. Listen to Naked’s LP, Pink Quartz, when it is released in early February 2016.