I once saw Bent nearly clear a venue – through no fault of its own, really. The venue had no clue how to book based on its clientele and dozens of Friday night cocktail hunters were dismayed when the ramshackle art-punk trio took to the small stage. The few that remained were actually there to see Bent, so it worked out for the best. The thing is that Bent don’t adhere to the norms when it comes to creating music – it’s ramshackle, it’s higgledy piggledy, it’s abrasive, it’s got teeth, it’s not for everyone. ‘Sock Holes’, the newest offering from the Brisbane group is as close as an ‘accessible’ single as they are ever going to produce but the group’s abject weirdness still shines through.

Like the shouts of derision levelled at them by the plebs at the cocktail bar, ‘Sock Holes’ touches on being looked down upon by others, mainly thanks to wearing socks with holes in them. When I read into the lyrics it seems as if this song is pushing back against the calls to change one’s ways – preferring to dig in and revel in ‘weirdness’ as it’s more true to the self. Here is a lyric to back up the claim: “People are tarting to notice and they say ‘Why don’t you get a new pair of socks?’ But I really don’t wanna throw them away.”

I’ve probably missed the mark with my assessment, but the great thing about music is that it’s up to interpretation. If there is one thing I’m fairly sure about with Bent, is that they’d prefer it that way. ‘Sock Holes’ will be released on a 7” through Moontown Records.