It’s been a while since anyone has heard from Feathers, the Brisbane-based, psychedelic-tinged, witchgaze four piece. Before you get your hopes up, no, they aren’t reforming – not on a long-term basis anyway. The group are getting together for a one­-off show at Brisbane’s Trainspotters and to mark the occasion they have given forth this number – ‘True Believers’.

The group, consisting of Helena Papageorgiou (DeadShred, Extra Foxx) Innez Tulloch (Deafcult, Roku Music, Tiny Spiders), Michelle Brown (Tequila Mockingbird, ZMX) and Susan Milanovic blew minds in 2011 with Hunter’s Moon, earning them a strong following in the Australian underground. Geographical distance seems to have kept the band apart until now, aligning fortuitously with 4ZZZ’s 40th birthday celebrations and Trainspotters 3rd birthday.

‘True Believers’ is a dark yet hook-laden song, redolent with reverb and unsettling moods. It sounds almost like it’s sound tracking a gothic western, predatory gun fights in forgotten cemeteries lit by a full moon. Imagine Beaches melding with Rule of Thirds. Imagine weaving your way through a sea of bodies dancing amidst heady haze. Imagine hot winds at night.

If you missed Feathers when they were active, use this as a reminder that you missed the fuck out and if you are anywhere near Brisbane on December 12 head to Trainspotters because you might not get another chance to catch the group live.