Melbourne’s gritty post-punk four-piece Deep Heat have unleased the first single from their forthcoming album, Still Life. ‘Sleep’ is a buzzing and swarming tune, touching on the effects of sleep deprivation while the evoking the dissonant noise in your head that would keep you awake. ‘Sleep’ blends post-punk pointedness with a hardcore drive. Previous efforts have chosen to blast with a forceful sound, overlaid with dual vocals – ‘Sleep’ sounds a bit cleaner, more tactile and easier to grasp.

I hear a strong link to the sound of Jay Reatard, particularly the sonics of his song ‘My Shadow’ in a similarly manic-but-tight sense. It maintains a sense of unquiet, minus the signature unhinged frenzy of Jay’s vocals. The song is nimble and malleable if ragged and unkempt, but the entire song packs an undeniable groove and is one of the catchiest songs to come from Australia’s post-punk scene this year. Still Life will be out on Poison City Records on April 22. Hopefully we can cop a few more cuts from it to make the wait bearable.