I heard about ORB a little while back, I don’t know much about them. The Geelong group seem to be the next this the current crop of garage-psych revivalists, following in the footpaths of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and The Frowning Cloudsbut ORB seems to have a grown an extra set of teeth with which to bite harder. Bands from Geelong tend to be rougher around the edges, Sewer Side and The Living Eyes coming to mind in particular as they also indulge in psychedelic aesthetic at times.

Over numerous listens I couldn’t shake comparisons to the hard rockin bands of the 70s like Sabbath, and there is also a slight Wolfmother vibe that ‘Migration’ has going. Andrew Stockdale also travelled along similar pathways but where he tried to clean up the sound and make it accessible, ORB have kept things dirty and a little bit weird, which is commendable. ‘Migration’ is a pretty good song if you like big riffs and woozy synthesised psych leanings. These guys are good at what they do and this is only a one single sample size, it would just be nice to see the band try and put their own stamp on this genre – at the moment it sounds like they are taking the majority of their cues from the forerunners. Evolution willing, they’ll have something for fearsome to offer soon. This song will feature on side A of an upcoming 7″ to be released through Flightless.