I first heard Brado’s Island on Matt Kennedy’s (Kitchen’s Floor, Eternal Soundcheck) Underground Australiana show on 4ZZZ and, like most outfits played on his show, the band create a strange and bizarre piece of fringe sound. Brando’s Island recently released ‘Liquid Soul’ and ‘Cryo Capers’ on a 7” through Melbourne label, Altered States Tapes, which often puts out similarly mutated acts. Members of Brando’s Island have done time in outfits such as Chrome Dome, Flat Fix, Velvet Whip and Soma Coma among others, and the two songs are intriguing pieces of demented fun-house punk.

Primitive beats, buzzing synths and a kooky vibraphone creep permeate both songs, overlaid with fevered rambling vocals mic man Richard Costa. ‘Cryo Capers’ is my preferred track of the two, ambling and haranguing the ears, menacing and weird. Can’t be 100 percent here, but I’d hazard a guess that the song discusses the prospect of cryogenic freezing, waking up in a different time, or not waking up at all – simply become a permanent popsicle (“who’s gonna melt the ice when there is nothing left” and “can’t wait to be a dead body” are some lyrical fragments). Both songs are worth a listen if you’ve been craving something outside the norm.