Here is Richard In Your Mind’s ‘Ecstatic Electricity’, released last week. This isn’t a bad song, I guess – but I don’t like it. Sorry. I figured I’d get that out of the way first to save you time. It’s not a badly written or recorded song but it doesn’t do anything for me. I feel like there is nothing lasting here, nothing of overall significance – just inane platitudes about an electric connection with someone special.

Let’s not completely sell this song short, the guitars are fun and as a single it’s sure to get some bodies moving, but something prevents me from getting on board. It might be the general blandness of the lyrical content or the over-eagerness to indulge in psych-pop freak-outs (don’t get me wrong, Richard Cartwright has earned the right to indulge from time to time) but aside from a vanilla introduction and excessive waffle in the middle there isn’t much else there. I really tried to find something to connect with but in the end I only found my repeated listening a chore. I’m going to go re-listen to Ponderosa (which I enjoyed) and try to decide if I’m out of order here.