I don’t know much about Max Chillen except for the fact that he is 18, his real name is Darcy Rhodes, he’s from Brisbane and that he takes cites LCD Soundsystem and TV on the Radio as influences. ‘Vietnam’ might have some initial inspiration from those acts but Max has turned any sonic cues on their head and made something incredibly weird and amazing from the instruments he works with. ‘Vietnam’ plays more like robotic synth-punk than anything else (he does list his music as art-punk on his Facebook, so there you go – that’s closer), with an ear-catching vocal style and plucky lyrical composition that makes for a fun listening experience.

A simplistic beat (made using a can of hair spray and a drum pad) adds a surprising amount of dexterity to the song, allowing Max to go off the rails with a throbbing bass wobble and a souped-up guitar sound that adds weight and force to the song overall. The youngster will be releasing an EP soon called Coffin Fit on October 31 that will hopefully boast more songs like this. I’m interested to see where this guy goes and you should be too. This kid could be one to watch.


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