Laying low but hitting heavy, Stations is a murky goth-punk group from the streets of Melbourne. This new 7” is a selection of four fiercely savage songs that are both petrous and dauntless. This recording boasts work from members of Gentlemen, Diamond Sea and EXEK, while the band now packs a formidable trio at the front of EX CON / Butcher Birds vocalist Jo Nilson, Alex from The UV Race and Emma from Mollusc. The four tracks on this release are dense and exciting, packing movement and heat into a tight ten-or-so minute set.

The two lead tracks ‘Work’ and Hunting’ are the longest offerings, both stellar examples of quaggy punk that matches density with intensity. The two tracks match sonic elements such as air siren wails and weighty bass, gnashing guitars and alternating vocal-chord shredding shriek and caterwaul howls employed by Jo on vocals. ‘Tension’ is a taut minute of hyperactive punk, reminiscent of Perfect Pussy in parts, while ‘Master/Disciple’ ups the buzz and introduces some vocal interplay.

I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing this group live, but the urge to jump around at the front and get ripped-to-shit would be compelling. This is energising stuff, exemplifying the potency and immediacy of Australia’s underground sound. Stations are also featured on a new compilation of female-fronted bands, with proceeds supporting YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) in the Middle East.