Here is a frenetic slice of malleable punk from Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps, a full-on piece of rambunctious rock with a heavy dose of snot-nosed effrontery. The song opens with a hearty amount of bass groove before being joined by quivering mosquito guitars and the malignant sneer of Tommy T himself. The track is off the I Hate Tommy 7” released through Cool Death Records (home of Power, Dribble, Tyrannamen and Soma Coma) and is

Laced with trace amounts of humour, self-awareness and indifference, Tommy T has created a song that smacks of tightly enacted arrogance, employed as an instigating force that permeates the music. The band seems to perform with Tommy T acting as a loathsome figure, one that keeps on persevering thanks to deluded self-confidence and delinquent charm. No idea if the dude is like that in real life, but in ‘Perfect’ Tommy T pulls off the loudmouthed front man, yammering constantly on his own faultlessness (“I am perfection / I am so perfect”). As far as punk tropes go, it works and this is an enjoyable piece of glam-punk. Get around it.

Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps will be performing at Maggot Fest 6 on Saturday October 31.