I copped a link to this song in my inbox recently. It’s a piece of cold post-punk from Melbourne four-piece Daytime, a group that seem to enjoy making music that sounds like it’s never seen the light of day. ‘Flounder’ is the only song on their Soundcloud and it is listed as a demo – but I’m going to go ahead and rate it anyway because I like it as it is.

The group has taken a stripped-back approach to their post-punk sound, indulging in echoed tones and sparsely glittering atmospherics. From the first few notes (and the baritone vocals) I’m reminded of Nite Fields, but where Nite Fields fill in the sound with lush flourishes, Daytime keeps things sparse, offering what sounds like the bones of the song but keeping the sound low-lying like this adds to the mood, keeps everything close to the ground and humble. It’s easy to float through ‘Flounder’ like it doesn’t exist, wraith-like and intangible. You could take this to mean the song makes little impact – well, although ‘Flounder’ moves with barely a ripple it’s a song that is just as captivating as the most fiercely intense odes to living low.