You Beauty has released the second single from their forthcoming LP, ILLYWHACKA, set to drop on October 23 on Rice Is Nice. Highly conceptual, the album follows a fictional narrative of a online predator who cons money and love from lonesome women on dating sites. ‘Same Damn Thing’ continues the story of the sickening fellow as he further ensnares his prey – going into further detail of is distasteful exploits backed by a sinister, slinking backing track.

‘Same Damn Thing’ adds nuance to the tale with more insight into the predator’s psyche and his own motivations for his actions. The song touched on the cyclical nature of abuse, the ‘do unto others what has been done to you’ mentality. The bottom feeder sank there after being wronged, and chose to prey on the other wretches that the end of their rope (“when I think of everyone who / weighed me down with stones in my shoes / I sank to the bottom and / fed there for self-preservation”).

The song takes an interesting turn when the predator muses on the differences between himself and his prey, how his experiences made him rotten and her experiences made her a better person. It makes him sick; it makes him jealous, it makes him re-think his actions (“and you, you call her a fool / just cause she’s not hard a cruel / like we / I’m coming around to you Dee”). ‘Same Damn Thing’ looks at how past experiences inform one’s actions well into the future and alludes to the possibility of redemption even when the hole has been dug deeply.