No Sister is a three-piece band that I thought was once based in Brisbane but now are based in Melbourne. I think they also used to be a four piece too but none of it matters at the moment – here and now the band have put forth a new track called ‘Boy Wonder’ and it’s an interesting beast. There isn’t a paintbrush that could paint this song uniformly – it’s a disjointed, separated and malignant noise-punk that moves through phases. It opens with a slinking and unsettling guitar movement and progresses through groove-laden garage, straightforward punk, jazzed-up guitar intermingling and plodding spoken word arrangements.

I gather that ‘Boy Wonder’ is a commentary on the current perception of the male existence – both critical and observational. Machismo and alpha-male personalities are skewered (ADDENDUM: I mucked up the lyrics first go. They are actually “king of the conquest construct / head of the clan, leader of the pack / brute brawn manufactured”), while thought is also put towards what a man should be (“some think the manly thing is being feminine / and some think being a man is everything”) and not living up to manly expectations (“caught between logic, desire and feeling / growing up means big dealings”).

Overall, the song is an interesting listen due to the way No Sister has tackled the concept. I think the execution lacks a little, perhaps it’s too disjointed and unwieldy for my ears – ‘Boy Wonder’ will not be a frequent listen from that standpoint. Regardless, I’m keen for more, as I am sure there is more No Sister can give.