Brisbane duo FOREVR has cemented itself as one of the most talked about bands currently cresting the contemporary ‘gaze’ wave. This is thanks to the band’s inclination towards making pop and fuzz hold equal sway over sonic proceedings. FOREVR’s previous release, Demonstration, was a four track EP that showcased Sam George-Allen (formerly of Mega Ogre) and Donnie Miller’s (Roku Music, No Anchor) knack for crafting squall with care and poise. ‘Shoegaze’ typically refers to the downward looking nature of the music itself and while FOREVR take cues from the genre’s forerunners and pioneers, they prefer to peer down from a lofty perch high in the clouds.

‘Contest’ is an ethereal number that sounds a bit like if Chromatics and Slowdive were captured by a celestial being and returned to earth in a singular form. FOREVR keep things soft, taking their time to build upon the synthetic drumbeats, futuristic loops and echoed vocals before employing the fizz and static hiss. The song crafts an image in my minds eye of rose gold sunsets over neon skylines – a soothing image for a song that is inherently calming and melodic despite it’s full-on aural spectrum. ‘Contest’ provides a lift and a caress and allows listeners to view the world from where FOREVR choose to float –above us all.

‘Contest’ will be released as one side of a 7″ due later in the year.


Band image by Savvy Creative