There is a certain throwback feel emanating from the opening notes of Tourist Dollars new single, ‘End of Times’. It’s something about the different pieces in play here, like the pattering drums from Eagles ‘Take It Easy’ or the melancholic groove nature of The Smiths and the earnest crooning of Echo & The Bunnymen. Something about ‘End Of Times’ feels equally out of this age and current within it, but regardless it’s very easy to listen to and appreciate.

Jesse McCormack and brothers Dave and Aiden McMillen (from Redspencer) have crafted a great song that gives more with each listen. It’s guitar-led pop at it’s most thoughtful; clever lyricism paints a despondent picture of love abused (I think), the hollowness it carves out in the chest cavity of the affected and the uncaring nature of the one in control (“Take my hand / understand / all the power at your command” and “End of times / marching by / see the love between the lies”).

Deaf Ambitions will be releasing Tourist Dollars’ EP in 2016, so look forward to that if you – like me – are currently on your umpteenth spin of this special tune.