eyes ninetycover

Brisbane’s Eyes Ninety have been jamming for a little bit, stirring up small crowds in scrappy joints around town with a blend of agitated punk rock. The skinny on Eyes Ninety: beats that scud, guitar that twists and vocals that denounce – an  easy and effective mixture. ‘Ants’ is a song that sparks up some body movement on this end, thanks to a jitterbuggin’ blend of catchy simplicity. ‘Ants’ is a song that quickens the pace and makes sweat bead, imagine bouncing shoulder to shoulder with other cranky sorts, rejoicing in the bare beauty of straightforward rock – that’s Eyes Ninety.

The song lingers a bit, but the bluesy squall and squawk keep things interesting.  The lyrics aren’t overly dense or complicated – the common refrain “I’m looking at you, you’re an ant” communicated disdain for a particular individual, or self-commentary on one’s perceived status among things. Sometimes it’s best not to dwell, just throw around a bit and be glad you can.

Look for an LP from Eyes Ninety in November through Swashbuckling Hobo.