Focus is a woozy, whirling amalgamation of dimly illuminated sound and moody vibrancy. Composed by Karli White, the dark electronic songstress inhabits a realm occupied by few – a gloomy space that exists in clubs and bedrooms, under fluorescent lights, under sheets and pillows and within the mind. The song feels sacred and engaging – minimalist blips and clean pulses mix with the sensual vocals creating a sensory experience that verges on carnal and ritualistic.

Karli has contributed songs to cassette compilations on Seagrave and Moontown. Her most recent long-form effort, Karlie White’s Childhood Scissors (which Focus is plucked from) was released in May through Comfort 35. One could say Karli White exists in a similar realm to Johnny Telafone, but where Johnny’s compositions are hugely visceral and operatic, Karli’s works are more demure but equally vital. Both artists exist in the dark, but when the moon deigns to illuminate their space there is a distinct sparkle, a glint of captivating danger and excitement. Lose yourself in this and don’t look back.