Fresh out of the oven is this new bruiser from Sydney’s Burlap. Ahead of an album to be released in early 2016 (through TRAIT and Black Wire Records), Good Boy is a sinister and snarling slice of dinge-punk. Incorporate gargling rocks and punishing a pack a day and you might be able to emulate the hellish vocals on display here. The backing instrumentation rumbles and churns, building on the unease.

Hidden underneath the gravelly rasp of the vocals are lyrics spouting assurances of favourable personality traits. Sounds to me like the lyrics are a case of self-deception – sonny ain’t as angelic as he thinks. I hear a denial of accountability, maintaining a law-abiding stance despite evidence to the contrary (“I’m a good boy / I didn’t do nothing”). Sounds likes mistakes are piling up and excuses are running out (“It was an accident I swear / my mumma said so / why would she lie, why would she lie”).

‘Good Boy’ is a great piece of unnerving noise that stacks up well against the offerings from other denizens of the punk pit. Burlap has communicated the mindset of a troubled mind, wandering a landscape of constant wrong turns but the song serves to rile us up rather than get us down.