If the name didn’t give them away, Cuntz are an abrasive and angry four-piece that hails from Melbourne. Bile spilling and teeth gnashing, the group churn out a bruising brand of punk that sound sonically similar to a dense ruckus or Richter scale-registering rumble. On October 2 the band will release Force The Zone, their third LP after Aloha and Solid Mates. This album, like the others, will be out on Homeless Records in Australia and New Zealand.

Two sharp fragments of the album have been stuck into the sole of the underground already, singles ‘Chinese Dream Boat’ and ‘Nah Man’. Both noisy and hell-bent, the tracks are two different animals that just so happen to reside in the same cage. Neither track cracks two minutes, which is good because such virulent punk takes its toll. ‘Chinese Dream Boat’ kicks off with ten seconds of speedy drumming before tearing the walls down with a whirling tornado of noise. The lyrics don’t leave to linger on though, much like the forceful nature of the song itself, they describe being propelled helplessly and lonesome in a singular direction like thus: “going down the river alone / don’t know when I’ll be home”.

‘Nah Man’ is slightly woollier and buzzed-out, with some more prominent bass in the mix and a steady twang in the guitars. I gather this song revolves around being perceived as someone or something but distancing yourself from those comparisons. Both songs rock, both songs keep me interested for more, so I for one am looking forward to Force The Zone. Cantankerous-punk fans would be wise to do the same.