Woodboot are a Brisbane punk group that crank out the kind of in-yr-face punk that is easier to get behind than it is to fight against. The overpowering brashness of the sound is a testament to the group’s chosen direction in the realm of gutter-dwelling genres; they adhere to an aesthetic and attitude that communicates ‘fuck you’ so forcefully that you have to acknowledge the rugged coolness of the whole thing. The group rock uniforms on stage consisting of sunnies and hoodies, even in the dingiest dungeons, and plow through sets like they have somewhere else to be. The group are soon to release Crime Time, a full length album and successor to the Krang Gang cassette released last year.

To give everyone a taste, Woodboot have put three songs online to listen, ‘Nerd Holocaust’, ‘Trash Dump’, ‘Prison Planet’. The tunes play as fast and loud as you’d typically expect, with a few added layers of squall thrown in for good measure. Lyrically, the songs are odes to doing no good, not giving a fuck, reveling in the mess they create and spitting that those that can’t dig it. Take ‘Trash Dump’ for example and it’s opening bars: “Trash Dump late at night, back of the parking lot. Feel the boot, no regrets; you can’t deal with all our mess. We’re making noise; we’ll wake up the neighbours.” Other lyrics are indecipherable over the din, but you can get the point.

For those that look for no frills punk, Woodboot have got what you are looking for. Boasting members of fringe collectives The Sulpher Lights, Tiny Migrants, Occults and Forevr, the pedigree for punishment is there. Judging by these three opening tracks the band is making good on their collective promise and seem to be on to a winning formula for a ripper of an album.