‘New Age’ by White Bleaches is a tune I’d describe as a feverish, freak-out, instigated by inhaling fumes in an enclosed space. It’s not as loose and free as many Australian garage-psych bands tend to be, there is some sonic tightness and a claustrophobic aura surrounding ‘New Age’, where fists pound on walls and bodies crash amongst the cramped confines. Perhaps it’s the side effect of recording the song in a shipping container, but the Melbourne four-piece have kept things as succinct-sounding as possible for a scrappy unit.

Tightly coiled guitars and bobbing low-end undertones set the sonic tableau of unease, as vocalist Anthony Lacarruba ruminates and reminisces. He ponders on escapist thoughts, homecomings and the pointlessness of innocence in personal evolution, his own and of others. The whole tune communicates a paranoid bent, aural wooze and railing against a confining rut. I could be wrong, I could be overthinking this ­– but I know I’m right when I say that White Bleaches have created a pointedly savage song, aurally arresting and ably satiating when it comes to noise hunger.