mopecity cover

Mope City are back with another crisp slice of dimly-lit punk. ‘Untapped Utility’ has been plucked from the forthcoming full-length LP Petri-Dish, due out in November through the mighty fine Brisbane label Tenth Court.

‘Untapped Utility’ is a textured offering. Luminescent opening notes make way for thick guitars and loose and bored vocalisms. Over the funnelled fuzz one can make out lyrics pertaining to a painful interaction with another. Take the opening lyrics for example: “You always poke the parts that hurt, it’s a treat. Why do you stick your fingers into the bruise?” ‘Untappted Utility’ unflinchingly examines the damage that has been inflicted and even prods the wounds further with its self-referential honesty, picking at scabs to show everyone that they bleed. The song kicks up a notch in the latter half with enough propulsion to blow your hair back, before sliding back into the drum patter and guitar slickness.

There are elements of earnest pop construction that is blurred and roughed up with some skewed instrumentation, creating a deconstructed yet not inaccessible song. It’s like glass slightly warped but not shattered, beautiful when positioned in different light. The music of Mope City wears bruises openly, never shying away from the conflicts that spurred its creation. Honesty makes for engaging content, and I’ve always been highly engaged by what this band puts forth.