I don’t know much about BREVE, but that’s okay because in this line of work the music usually does all the talking. The Melbourne trio are releasing this single, ‘Movement’ in a limited 7” run through Psychic Ric Records.

The opening notes gently immerse the listener up to the neck in dark atmos before the vocals of Dougal Shaw permeate the sparseness. The tune is a languid and layered number, one that shakes off its accumulated midnight dew in the early approach of dawn with some thick guitar squall and glumly-beautiful crescendos.

The vocals talk of walking in circles, slowly descending into a lower level consciousness and gradually losing one’s mind. The words are fitting of the musical style, at points sounding like gaze and at others like post-rock with a sprinkle of psych. The words paint the picture: “Must keep moving, earth’s still spinning ‘round, there’s no stopping there’s no staying down. Why’m I trying to get my head straight? I know I’m going to lose it anyway.” Heavy thoughts for an unexpectedly heavy track.

BREVE reportedly has an album in the works as well, so look forward to that if you dig this ditty right here.